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10 Lessons In Interior Design Everyone Needs To Know


Consider it an introduction to interior decoration. Perhaps not all of us have the vision necessary to create a refined design to the last detail, but we can arrange your own interior so that it looks professional.

To some extent, the design layout can be represented by a formula that includes specific steps – a kind of construction of the foundation, brick by brick, to create an individual design style.

On the other hand, there is the art of decorating style which does not follow any rules or formulas. You may not be such a sense of style, but you can learn how to develop it.

How? There are basic principles to create a cohesive and harmonious design of interior spaces. Following these 10 steps, you can start to create a cozy and functional living space, which will create a homely atmosphere in the usual four walls.

1. Functional layout

Interior design should start with functional room layout. To start, we advise you to search online for free resources and programs, offering to create the layout and decoration of the room. These programs allow you to identify conditions such as room size and dimensions of the furniture, and then try to create a different layout options to see which one is best for you.

Often we learn about layout error too late, so why not first create a virtual plan of the room and avoid having to move the furniture from place to place, making mistakes over and over again in an attempt to create the right plan?

The functionality of the living space is highly dependent on the individual style. If your pet nest you feel empty, you’ll want to buy expensive furniture or decorations, but the large open plan family prefer not limited lots of design details. Take into account your personal needs and then try to choose a good program that will help you create the perfect plan for your interior.

2. Do not be afraid to spend money on a good upholstered furniture

Many designers will tell you that if you want to invest in the purchase of a single piece of furniture, let it be a sofa. Choosing the right upholstered furniture for the room can be very difficult. What color to choose? What upholstery? What size? How much to spend? What quality?

Visiting furniture websites, furniture exhibitions and salons can help you choose the style that suits your taste and needs. However, before you go shopping – make measurements! It would be terrible to fall into any piece of furniture, and then to discover that it is too large for your room.

We recommend that you limit your choice of several options, and then choose the one that has the best quality. By purchasing high quality furniture, you can be sure that it will serve you for many years or even a lifetime, so choose the best of what you can afford.

3. Decorative objects

It seems that the use of the interior things that have no special purpose is a pointless idea. Why buy something, something you can not even find a good use? The answer is simple: because these items represent the style, and then complete the interior decoration.

You may not have the talent to immediately create an aesthetically attractive decor, but by trial and errors, you will be able to choose the right amount of decorative objects that fit perfectly into your interior. Many experts in interior design will tell you that if you buy something you like, you will definitely find a place for it. However, while this statement is quite true for those who are good in design, it may not be suitable for beginners.

If you are at a loss, we recommend that you look through magazines and thematic stores, to notice that what you like. Note how decorative elements are arranged in furniture stores. Note that many of the items are arranged in decorative groups, not just individually placed in different corners of the room. First of all, buy only what you really like, what best suits your personality or interior theme.

4. Add the greens

People often think about plants in the last turn. This is a big mistake when it comes to design. You should check if you can use plants and natural objects for your interior.

It’s amazing how transformed the atmosphere and comfort of the interior can be, when you put in a small palm tree in a pot. At the same time, your room will seem fresher, and visual style – a much more solid. Plants make your home brighter and the air cleaner. And even if you do not consider yourself a big fan of greens, you can always use a plant, which does not require complex care.

5. Add layers
Create layers in the interior – one of the main conditions for creating comfort and visual comfort. Take a look at the room in the picture below. Small fluffy rug on the top of the main carpet, pillows stacked on the bed and on chairs, curtains create an additional layer on the windows, a blanket lying on top of one of the chairs …

All these details create a cozy interior layers, which allows us to make a whole, harmonious aesthetics. Trying to decide which layers will look favorably in your interior, think about choosing a variety of fabrics and textures – for example, velvet cushions, curtains, silk, mohair blankets, plush rugs.

Different fabric textures make the effect even stronger. Start making layers in the interior today and transform your room from dull to extremely cozy.

6. Experiment with the black color

This is not the most well-known method, but it works. No matter what your taste in design, and whether you like rustic style or minimalistic – any, absolutely any interior design should include a little black.

Why? The black color gives a sense of depth, character, accent the interior, which can hardly cope different color. You can simply place an image in black frames, or hung on the window curtains with black print, or use cushions with black stripes … It does not matter exactly how you will use the bold color in the design if you find a place for it.

Some might say that the same effect is easy to achieve with the help of other deep shades, but we recommend that you just try to use black – and see what happens.

7. Create a decorative group of objects

As mentioned above, the decorative objects can be both impersonal and highly remarkable. You need to not just bring decorative elements in the interior – you need to create a group of them.

You can create a group of decorative murals or desktop objects – or to organize quiet zone for conversations, grouping chairs by the window. Placing objects in this way, you create a zone that attract, retain attention and allow to relax.

Try to place your favorite items on the coffee table or create a group of decorative candles in the center of the dining table. You can use any idea, when it comes to subjects, combined well with each other.

8. Add personality

This is an area that fascinates and allows you to show your individuality. There is nothing worse than an interior, which absolutely does not have any personality.

If you like colorful – find a way to bring  your favorite colors into the interior with the cushions or removable wallpaper. If you do a lot of traveling, put on public display pictures that you have done in the way, or things that you were able to buy or find while traveling. If you cherish a special love for giraffes, put on the floor mat or buy upholstered chairs with respective print.
Make your interior talking about who you are. So you are not only able to create your own masterpiece, but also enjoy the process.

9. Stick to classic lines

No matter who you are – it’s always better if larger (and more expensive) pieces of furniture are designed in classic style.

That’s the essence of the classics, it never goes out of fashion. Why spend a lot of money on the sofa with straight, angular lines, if this style after five years will be out of date? Fashion trends can bring contemporary lines to the interior with the help of smaller and less expensive  parts.  Let the main pieces of furniture remain simple, elegant, classic.

Take a look at the living room in the photo below. Black chairs at the dining table are decorated in a classic style. Upholstery with animal prints allows them to meet the latest fashion trends, and it is easy to change, while, as the form of the chair never go out of fashion – that is an excellent durable purchase.

10. Take a photo and correct

This is perhaps one of the most important steps. Eventually, the picture can replace a thousand words. Taking a picture of the room, you can look at it from a different angle. In a sense, the photo will allow you to look at your own interior for the first time – with the eyes of the guest.

All of a sudden you will find that the wall painting is hanging too high, or that your cushions do not blend with the overall style.

It is best to take a few photos from different angles. So you can see what is correct and what is simply out of place in your chosen interior style.