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Seven Main Reasons to Work with FFT

1. We Manufacture under your Company Brand Name

Our Exclusive Dealers will provide us their logo and we apply all labeling, packing and branding under your company logo.

2. Promotion & Advertisement Support

FFT is providing advertisement & promotion support to its Exclusive Dealers. We never work with our Exclusive Dealers with a “Take the Money, give the product and forget about it”! FFT will be behind the Exclusive Dealer even in the local market.

3. Price

We can give the best price because we are selling large quantities world wide. Our exclusive dealers enjoy our low price policy. We will be happy, only if our exclusive dealers are happy. Our policy is to sell in large quantities and in low price.

4. Quality

Will a long term relationship be possible without a good quality? The answer is simple: No! Product Quality in our company is protectedby FFT Standards. Our exclusive dealers like to work with us because of the quality assurance by FFT.

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5. Service

Buying furniture from Turkey is not easy. Nearly 80 per cent of furniture manufacturers do not have a certain level of institutionalization. So service is one of the most important points that distinguishes us from the others. In FFT, satisfaction of the exclusive dealers is in the center of marketing policy.

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6. Exclusivity

If you are importing a product from us, no body can buy the same product in your region. So our dealers have 100% exclusivity in products.

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7. A-Z Solution

We are offering our customers A-Z Solution in furniture business. Beside our Standard products we provide also Import Consultancy. We also have a Project Department where we offer tailored services.

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