Furniture From Turkey, Turkish Furniture, Turkey Furniture, Ellis Dining Room Set, Ada Sofa

Furniture From Turkey, Turkish Furniture, Turkey Furniture, Ellis Dining Room Set, Ada Sofa

ADA was established as a manufacturer of avangarde sofa and furniture in Inegol, Turkey. Today, we are proudly manufacturing and exporting products with distinguished design to different countries.

Having been realized the growth of a brand specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing in terms of quality in furniture sector consolidated by good service provides us at ADA a great source of pride and achievement.

As ADA, our aim has always been to manufacture practical and quality products, that is not only original and different, but ultimately the most durable. This strengthens our dedication to developing our products through the use of advanced technologies that would help us meet and even exceed the standards put forward by the European Union.

We would also like to share with our precious customers our pride in having been certified by the standards under the ISO and E1 quality certificates.

Today ADA is on the path of becoming an international company thanks to our sincere and hardworking team who have devoted their attention and energy for achievement of ADA targets.

As we have done in several countries, ADA team soon hopes to be establishing your home with special furnishings you have been dreaming for.

Furniture From Turkey, Turkish Furniture, Turkey Furniture, Ada Sofa, Grand Living Room Set

Since we believe only the best is good enough for our customers, we strive to offer you endless possibilities to establish your home.In the same manner, our distributors in working with us are just as committed to deliver high quality standards together with outstanding service.The ADA brand has been found on the strong base of a three generation family business (Malkaç Family).

With a flexible management system and  a highly cosmopolitan outlook, combined by total commitment to its outstanding creativity, ADA is doing its best to keep up with the contemporary requirements of the worldwide quality furniture trends.

Furniture cannot not be simply defined as an object of use. As ADA, we believe that it also expresses the personality of the manufacturer. ADA means quality furniture made in Turkey. Our furniture is exclusively manufactured in Inegol – Turkey and exported orldwide. It is the focal point of business approach to present you timelessly beautiful designs and durable products that will let you be a source of inspiration. Trends and designs might change over time, but high-quality in craftsmanship will never loose significance. Commitment to quality commences in the very selection of the raw materials and it will be completed only with our first-class service.
Furniture From Turkey, Turkey Furniture, Turkish Furniture, Maxima Sofa, Ada Sofa
Our vision is to become the leader in “avangarde furniture in Turkey”! Customer satisfaction, efficient management, high quality, best price and ideal service constitutes our mission. Our Research and Development (R&D) department is committed to keep up with contemporary design and developments in our sector. Our focal point here is to reach the best within the margins of ADA’s model and design trend. Beside the standard products, we can supply any product according to any design coming from our customers.
As ADA, we strive to solve all phases of production under a strict surveillence and with close coordination with our suppliers.A product’s real quality is not only understood from the outside. Most of the time, the real difference is hidden at the very invisible details of the product.Not only the finished materials, bu even the raw materials are selected from the most established companies of the sector and they are holding a competitive position in the market
ADA is very well aware of the global competition in furniture sector. That’s why we do everything necessary to be attractive for our partners regarding quality and price.Quality does not end with making investments on it. The outcome must be strictly observed and controlled. We possess Quality Control unit which control quality of our products according to European Union and Turkish Industrial Institute quality standards.
Satisfying your guest is not only related how delicious you prepare the food. It is also important how you serve that food. As ADA, we believe that quality control in production lines of our suppliers and sensitivity in service is completed with a good packing system. The packing must be meeting requirements of international business and protect products from all potential damages. Just for this reason, we make it compolsory for all our solution partners to pack with the packing standards that our company puts forward.
Furniture From Turkey, Turkish Furniture, Turkey Furniture, Fiore Wall Unit, Ada Sofa

Parallel to the “perfect customer satisfaction” principle, in all of he countries, ADA Distributors and resellers provide delivery and montage service. Delivering and installing timely and accurately is the motto is our commitment.  In every country, ADA Distributors have return and cancellation policies respectively. As we strives to establish long term relationship with its customers, we put “standing behind the products” among the foundamentals of our company principles.

Imagine please. You furnished an a house and you need one single piece of the same product after 5 years! Exactly in the same design and raw materials. It will certainly be more than a nightmare if the supplier says “We are sorry”. As ADA, we belive that warranty is of paramount importance in furniture sector. So, just as in products, warranty in service is also crucial.

Furniture From Turkey, Turkish Furniture, Turkey Furniture, Ada Sofa, Atlantic Corner Sofa






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