Often known as sofa tables, couch tables come in very practical, though few homeowner’s think of them in their overall decorating scheme. Designed to be taller than end tables and surely the coffee table, couch tables can serve a couple of functional purposes in your living space. Traditionally, it has been used behind a sofa that is out in the open as opposed to against the wall. It is placed along the back of the sofa and is normally about two-thirds its length.


Here, you can add photos, knickknacks, a large spray of flowers in a vase, a lovely sculptural work; truly anything that deserves to get a little attention. That’s all well and good if you want to have display area, but what if you want a little more functionality in your room? This is where couch tables can really shine, literally. You can employ them in area of floor lamps to add more light to the sofa. Several tables can simply hold two lamps along with a centerpiece. Or if you desire something a little more romantic, you can add a candelabra or two or lovely tapered candles on heirloom candlesticks. These are ideal for setting the stage for an evening of romance. Just add up your favorite romantic movie and you never even have to worry about dimming the lights.


Indeed, these tables can be used in other ways. While a lot of homeowners believe that shoving the sofa or sectional against the wall will make the room is true, that’s not really true. Savvy interior designers will tell you that that will in fact define the space visually, creating a barrier to openness and making the room look smaller instead.