Furniture Manufacturer – Zonguldak  / Turkey

Located in an organized industrial zone in Caycuma/Zonguldak, which is the northern side of Turkey, Armodel in its four production plants produces practical and quality furniture that you can still feel comfortable in using for years. Our wide range consists bathroom and modular furniture, sitting groups, ceramic tables and tripods. Our products are being produced in four separately located production centers which are specialized in their categories. Our goal at Armodel Company is to provide beautiful, practical and unique furniture to our partners. Combining the best techniques of both traditional and modern manufacturing as well as careful quality control and attention to every detail of production. Not only producing beautiful items but also keeping our products at a very competitive price is our one of main concerns. We are currently exporting to Alger, Bulgaria, Kazakhtsan, Romania, Greece and trying to organise distribution lines both in these countries and the countries we start to export. In this respect, we set up our own company in Bulgaria to show and distribute our products directly to the market and we do have showroom in Kazakhstan as well. In the soon future we are planning to organise in Romania with the same manner. Beside, two of our sister companies are in the building sector and building facilities in these countries.. We are connecting all our experince by constructing a building and equipping it with all our high quality products.

The inclination towards team work in our company and with our sister companies which are in the building sector is the most competitive advantage that allows ARMODEL to satisfy customers’ request and to exceed the offer of more and more qualified competitors.

From the first, our concept was to go directly to the source-something that wasn’t being done. Therefore, Armodel has achieved this success through innovation, consistency, and investment in its products and its people.

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