Furniture Manufacturer – Izmir  / Turkey

Dear Madam / Sir;
We are producer of wood-chromium mix chair and table groups and would like to make ourselves and our products known to you. Our company established in 1980. It has been located in Izmir, Turkey. We have been producing modern lines of table, chair, bar and kitchen barstool, kitchen bench set with the 25 annually experience, we make to sell domestic and abroad markets; Iran, Libya, Tunisia, Belgium, France, Ukraine, Macedonia. Furthermore we were producing baby room set, teenager room groups and polyurethane school desks from 1998 until year of 2005. We can make special production metal and wooden groups in accordance with the customer requiring. Our products can be suitable for kitchen, restaurant, cafe, bar, hotel. Closed 2. 000 sqm. Area, open 10. 000 sqm. Area to continue our production in Menderes, Izmir factory. Also we have one showroom in Karabaglar, Izmir and one store in Sirinyer, Izmir. We have to approximately 100. 000 pieces of annual production capacities. So we can complete ordered products at least in a week.
Our goal is to taking advantage of technological advanced will be able to present more contemporary and high quality products to valuable our customers.
Yours Sincerely,