If you are searching for a new sofa and you have your mind set on a nice comfy sectional then you might have noticed that brown, beige or tan seems to be the most common color. It is the most common color for many reasons and people just love it!


Browns are simple to decorate around. It is such a neutral color that goes well with any other colors. Some bold colors like red, don’t play well with other colors. They can clash and cause all types of decorating mishaps, not nice earthy brown tones. They can make any room warm and attractive. Another great reason that brown and beige are so common is stains. If you are unlucky enough to get a stain on your new sectional, it will be much harder to see! Brown sectionals look clean all the time but before you buy a new one make sure that you have enough room for it. It is simple to get excited and forget to measure. If you know exactly how much space you have accessible then there will not be any troubles at all.


The next thing to think about is the material that the sofa is made from? Brown has several fabric selections. You can still go the leather route. It is a tough a resistant material that lasts a very long time. If you have small kids or pets then microfiber would be a better selection. This tightly woven fiber material resists stains and pet hair.