Buroart Office Furniture  was established by Necati KİRİŞÇİ who have a sense of quality which is their purpose, not any means. Buroart Office Furniture continuously advance its activities of investment with all of its team. Buroart Office Furniture has had its own level at the woodwork industry since 1998 and it continues its way with the energy and the concept it has at the present day. First of all Buroart Office Furniture began to display activity at a small factory in Kestel and  it’s been displaying activity in Kestel Industrial Area a closed area of 700 m2.

As a result of advanced furniture concept and culture of quality, Buroart Office Furniture has been planning to go to its own integrated institution around a closed area of 16.000 m2 (9000 m2 closed area and 7000 m2 open area.)

It has been accelerate its activity of representing brand with its own showroom at Yalova Yolu 4 Km. You can find Buroart Office Furniture at exclusive furniture showrooms.

You can find current, functional, aesthetic, comfortable, moduler office concepts that manufactured by self-assured, experienced big team.

Buroart Office Furniture products are being manufactured by applying latest technology; machinery, sizing, edge banding, multi-hole and CNC machine production line, Italian, German and Austrian patented wood manufacturing machines..

The most important principle of Buroart Office Furniture is The Quality.



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