Something that people are confronted with often is buying new furniture for their home. In most cases this is a rather easy process where one goes out, finds what they like in terms of style, size, shape and make the shop. The furniture company brings out the furniture. Maybe it’s a sofa, loveseat and chair as well as ottomans and tables. The delivery guys bring it in through the nice large doorways and right into the room. Most people see this as the popular scenario of a furniture delivery but quite often this is not still the case.


In my 15 years in furniture both in sales and behind the scenes working delivery, I’ve discovered a simple truth… not all homes are made the same. This may seem somewhat evident in most circles but unfortunately it is all too popular to come across a stairway that curves or angles so much that common furniture just doesn’t fit around it. Attic lofts can be the same way in that the ‘A’ frame of the house is at so much of an angle that furniture has no where to be placed or access to getting it up into the loft prevents normal sofas from being placed in such rooms. We’ve also found that older homes can be tough too as doorways are in the wrong spots to bring furniture through or door openings just aren’t wide enough to fit that fabric sofa through.


Enter the futon….

When you say futon, characteristically the first thing that pops into most peoples heads are images of a college student sitting on a lumpy mattress that is on top of an unfinished pine or wood frame. Generally in the corner or under loft or maybe in a small dorm room with small windows and a view of surrounding buildings. For a lot of us, well… yes this true. Yet futon furniture has come a long way since the 80’s when it made great collegiate furniture but to have it in your home was not the most appealing thought.