There is always a desire among homeowners to make every effort in turning the indoors of their homes into one of the most luxurious and comfortable places in the whole world and in doing so they need to make a correct choice of furniture. Seating arrangements are of primary importance inside any premise whatsoever – residential and official. The most common and popular seating arrangement has been provided by the sofa. There are different ways that these are manufactured by woodworkers and artisans since the days of old. In addition, with time sofas have evolved a great deal of transformations that have lent its designs and fabrics changes and modifications for a different look along with the traditional ones. There are various names to reckon with when it comes to a sofa – Chesterfield, Ottoman, Divan, Futon, Chaise Lounge and the Canapé to name a few. The remarkable aspect about each of these is that they have been made with both a fabric upholstery as well as leather. They have continues to rule the hearts of their owners with their beauty and elegance for centuries.


The designs and patterns of this category is marked by exquisite and intricate carvings and engravings. The embellishments on wood were equally complemented by the use of fabrics that were ornamented and had different shades of bold colors to lend a gorgeous glance.



There are different designs of high backed or even low backed sofas in this category. Yet, these are conspicuous by the absence of the carvings and engravings in the wood. The lines are straight and clean with the focus on the elegance and comfort of the sofa as a seating arrangement.



This is a category of sofa that has an individual style and has been found as a means of upholstery in traditional and contemporary ones. There are classic pieces of ottoman and chaise lounge that have made an appropriate use of leather. In modern times, there is a wide range of leather settees and leather suites that are in vogue. These are extremely expensive and are available in various color schemes as well. There are dark shades like brown or black leather sofas to even lighter shades of white and cream colors. There are even bright shades of leather like red and dark green that is used. There is a wide range of different styles that are available today as per the choice and preference of their users. There are also a large number of connoisseurs who are fond of the old world look and thus opt for an antique look in their settees. Other people that are fond of a trendy and fashionable look are available with contemporary design styles in sofas. There is an equal request for fabrics and leather suites or settees. However, it cannot be overlooked that when it comes to leather they are by far much more expensive. However, the use of a leather sofa promises you durability and easy maintenance