The best part of leather as a material for your couch over all the other materials is that a leather couch can stay fresh and intact for a very long period as compared to a couch made of any other material. However, there are a few special maintenance tips which need to be followed in order to maintain this freshness of the couch.

Wipe And Keep Clean

The couch should be wiped clean on a regular bases so that no dirts settles on it. For this a dirt free rug or a duster should be moistened and used for wiping the leather on the couch. However, always keep in mind that the duster should be dipped only in pure water and any soap or other cleaning chemical should never be allowed to even touch the couch and its leather. If these chemicals come in contact with the leather of the couch, there are chances of the leather getting mutilated by them.

Talcum Powder For Stains

A big question which comes to mind when we read the above instruction is that, cleaning with just water may work for simple dirt and dust, but what does one do in case a stain appears on the couch. The answer is very simple, one should use talcum powder for the cleaning of these stains. The talcum powder should be sprinkled over the area which has a greased stained and left there for some time. After a few minutes, the powdered area should be rubbed hard with a clean cloth. This should do the trick and remove the stain completely. In case, this does not work, the best option is to contact some expert or store from where the couch had been purchased and seek their help in removing the stain.

Leather couches which are imported from Turkey too should be cleaned in a similar manner.