Cottage Kitchen Design

Cottage Kitchen Design

Cottage Kitchen Design – Cottage kitchens are basic cozy kitchens that are not pretentious or fussy.  They tend to be warm and inviting instead.  To add cottage flair to your kitchen, consider the following ideas:

Cottage Kitchen DesignWhite-colored Woodwork

White painted woodwork is quite common in cottage living rooms. Woodwork often includes units with crown molding, baseboards, windows and door trim, in addition to beadboard.

Open Shelves rather than doors

For a far more casual feel, cottage living rooms sometimes have cabinets with out doors to showcase gorgeous dishes.

White dishes

Quite a few cottage kitchens use simple white dishes.

Natural Floor

Natural flooring, such while wood (sometimes painted wood), record, or brick floors are usually popular in cottage living rooms.


Beadboard is lumber paneling, usually painted whitened, with vertical grooves. Beadboard is frequently used as wainscoting (wall covering in the floor to about 36″ high) within a cottage kitchen. It may also be used for a backsplash.

White-colored Subway Tile

Subway tile is plain white glossy tile, just like tile on the walls in lots of basic bathrooms, except it is rectangular and applied within a brick pattern. Subway tile is quite popular as a backsplash selection in cottage kitchens.

Farmhouse Sink

Basic large farmhouse sinks are common in cottage kitchens. They are often large enough to wash a small dog or child.

Farmhouse Dining room table

Farmhouse tables are utilized in the breakfast room of any cottage kitchen.

Simple Every day Items

Cottage kitchens are incredibly functional. They do not necessarily include ornate or unsettled items.

Black and White that has a Pop of Color

Intended for color, select white with touches of black along with a splash of color. The splash of color is generally a pastel blue or eco-friendly, but most any color works.

Vintage Accessories

For components, door pulls, plumbing lighting fixtures, and light fixtures, select vintage or vintage encouraged pieces. You can even add vintage furnishings, such as a counter or armoire.