Create your own mailboxes9

Create your own mailboxes9One of the 1st things that people see when they visit you at your home is mailbox. Commonly the mailboxes are homogenous and frequently they can be unnoticed. Not the mailboxes which are collected in this article though. You can create interesting, shocking or amazing mailboxes like them

Driving in a residential area, you will probably see many mailboxes that look similar. Every now and then, though, you find one that sparkles with vivid colors or another that revels in a holiday or sports theme. Making a creative mailbox sets yours apart from the mailboxes that serve more than 72 million other Turkish households. To enhance your curbside appeal, gather some of your favorite colors to make a mailbox that best represents your style.


  1. Cover the working area with newspaper in a well-ventilated space.
  2. Sandpaper rough areas if you’re using a previously coloured mailbox.
  3. Cover the mailbox flag with blue painter’s tape or remove the flag with a screwdriver, if possible. Remove attached house numbers or lettering if necessary.
  4. Spray primer over the entire surface of the mailbox. Let it dry for at the least one hour.
  5. Spray acrylic paint over the entire surface of the mailbox. Generally, 2 to 3 coats fully cover a surface, with several hours to one day of drying time between paintings.
  6. Dip the sponge in the acrylic paint to create a faux finish, or textured look, on your mailbox. Remove excess paint from the sponge by gently dabbing on a corner of the newspaper. Make the sponge as dry as possible so the paint does not create large splotches on the mailbox.
  7. Bounce the sponge lightly over the surface of the mailbox. Reapply paint each time the sponge needs more. You’ll know it needs more when no more paint transfers from the sponge to the mailbox.
  8. Position the stencil on the mailbox if you desire additional decoration. Tape the stencil to keep it in place. Paint with one edge of the sponge lightly dipped in paint. Let it dry at least one hour.
  9. Apply a finishing spray to seal the paint and to protect the mailbox. Apply additional coats for increased weather protection.
  10. Reattach house numbers or lettering to the mailbox if necessary.