If you love the flavor of salt in the air, the soft whisper of nearby waves, and the crunch of sand between your toes, what better way could there be to create a workarea that you truly enjoy using than by decorating with tropical office furniture. Tropical surroundings motivate imagination and create a relaxed and rich atmosphere for your home office or place of business. Innovative pieces of office furniture “tropical” – such as lovely computer armoires and printer cabinets – give your workarea an elegant look with the practical advantage of helping you to keep organized. Here is a guide to selecting Hawaiian computer armoires, Bali file cabinets, and other types of office furniture, tropical design.


Picking High Quality Office Furniture, Tropical Style

When picking tropical computer armoires and other office furniture, tropical realities are very significant. The hollow nature of bamboo means that high-quality bamboo furniture is generally wrapped to prevent splitting over time. Rattan also tends to be more flexible and resistant, meaning that it is more popularly employed in today’s office furniture. Tropical rattan may have knobby joints, and is still wrapped for a smooth appearance.



The thickness of the individual strands of rattan will influence both the price and quality of your office furniture. Tropical rattan has an perfect diameter of about one and a half inches. High-quality rattan computer armoires and other office furniture should have a smooth and even finish, free of blotches and spotting. The most secure process of securing rattan used in tropical office furniture is glue, followed by screws. Staples and nails tend to come loose over time.

Materials Employed in Office Furniture – Tropical Vegetation and Construction Techniques

Three terms employed to describe materials that are commonly found in office furniture “tropical” style are wicker, rattan, and bamboo. Wicker generally refers to a kind of furniture building technique where strands of grasses or vines are woven together. This technique creates resistent and lightweight computer armoires and other office furniture that is also environmentally friendly.


Rattan is a tropical tree that grows around other trees in a jungle. Bamboo, on the other hand, is a kind of thick-skinned grass with a hollow center. Both rattan and bamboo can be employed for the structural elements of office furniture “tropical” style, whereas rattan is usually used for wicker style construction. Wicker is commonly employed as decoration on the sides of tropical style computer armoires, the sides of writing desks, or the padded backs of chairs.