Dogtas, has opened its second store in Egypt.

Dogtas, has opened its second store in Egypt.Dogtas carries insights of ‘Exclusive’ to most points of the world with opening new stores in Egypt

Opening new Dogras Exclusive store in Egypt met great interest with participantion of First Undersecretary of the Republic of Turkey Embassy in Cairo Asip Kaya, Cairo Commercial Counselor Hasan Ali Erdem, Dogtas General Director Ismail Dogan Holding, CEO of Uatro Holding Dr. Abdelrahman Seoudi and Foreign Trade Director of Dogtas Erol Cetinkaya.

The Store became the second of Dogtas strore in Egypt with 1200 m2. Dogtas decided to invite opening five stores in the short term with CEO  of Quatro Holding Abdelrahman Seoud