Furniture Manufacturer – Istanbul / Turkey

We have been servicing in the field of industrial kitchen equipments since 1987 through our experience, 1, 000m2 production establishment, sales shop, experienced staff and also we’ve been giving service to Hotels, Restaurants, Patisseries, Hospitals, Cafeterias, Fast food to official foundaries in project basis from 10 people to 10, 000 people industrial kitchen equipments and service equipments, sales and production from basis project to setting basis.
The following are the service that we can give as, Duran Celik, one of the leader firms in the area of industrial kitchen:
In various volumes in Electrical & with LPG Tea-Coffee Machines, Ovens, Milk Machines & Heaters.
Radiant, with Lavatas, Motorized Electrical Doner Kebap Machines, Fritos, Potato Restore Machines, Hamburger Keeping Machines.
Grills, Toast Machines, Hot Dog Boiling Machines, Meat Ball, Hamburger, Frying Machines, Flaky Pastry Heaters, Salamander kinds.
Restaurant Stoves, Cuisines, Cake, Flaky Pastry, Pizza Ovens, Vapor Convectional Ovens, Chicken Machines, Microwave Ovens, Pizza Exhibition & Restore Units, Pizza Preparation Cupboard, Popcorn Machine, Baked Potato Ovens.
Hot service and Self Service Counters, Telescopic Covered Heating Service Trolleys, with Setal Cupboard Counter.
Working Counters with Cupboard and Dravers, Moving Sorting Counter, Working Counter with Pleteau Shelf, Vegetable Washing Counter, Dish Getting Counter with Pealing Tunnel, Tray Automat Steel Load Carrying Trolley, Stored Food Carrying Trolley, Dish Getting Trolley, Boiling Carrying Trolley
Counter Sorts with Basin & Bottom Flat Disk, Boiler Washing Counter, Marble Flat Disk Counter, Poliethylene Flat Disk Counter, Moving Counter, Working Counter, Wooden Flat Disk Counter, Assembled Flat Disk Remaining Shelf, Assembled Perfore Flat Disk Remaining Shelf, Wooden Meat Log, Poliethylene Meat Log.
Flour-Sugar Trolley, Plate Trolley, Service Trolleys, Wall Shelves, Wall Cupboards, Meat Hanging Trolley, Tray Trolley, Gozleme Furnace, Plate Automate, Chimney Hood Sorts.
Automatic & Conveying Dish Machines, Glass Washing Machine, Plate Washing Machines, Salad-Bar, Working Flat Disked Shopwindow Cupboard, Shopwindow Type, Counter Type & Store Type Fridges.
Deep Freeze, Vertical Bottle Refrigerator, Hot-Cold Sebil (Free Distribution of Water) , Fruit Juice & Ayran (Water with Yoghurt) Refrigerators, Ice Cream Machine & Exhibition Stand, Cake Cupboard & Exhibition Trolley, Waiter Counter.
Ice Machine, Ground Meat Machines, Grinder, Onion-Vegetable Chopping Machine, Soup Machine, Food Slicing Machine, Potatoes Shaping & Peeling Machine, Robot Coupe, Puree Machine, Orange Squeezing Machines, Steril Keeping Cupboards, Bread Slicing Machine, Mixer & Paste Kneading Machine.
Halvah Saucepans, Carrying Cups, Portable Food Container, Gastronome Basins, Single-Double Handle Soucepans, Mayonnaise Soucepans, Self Service & Things For Breakfast, Steel Pitchers & Glasses, Steel Filter, Bowles, Service Sets, Landles, Bread Knives, Meat Beater, Rounding Shovel, Salt Shaker Sets & Napkin Sets, Covered Steel Oven Trays, Carrying Cups, Selfrom Trays & Poliethylene Cutting Metal Plates.