Furniture Manufacturer – Zonguldak / Turkey

ER-DI Machine was established in Zonguldak in 2000 and still contunies working.

ER-DI Machine, has managed to reach all users with its local manufacturing, product diversity and quality.

Besides giving machines and products to underground producers, ER-DI Machine has signed special projects.

ER-DI Machine makes follow up to all machines, after sales, according to customer demands and by improving the machines quality and durability it makes principle to itself to present the best service in a very a short time. And also, ER-DI Machine provides, maintenance and spare parts to the machines.

Since the establishment of ER-DI Machine, by expanding the product range machine park, it continues development without compromising its quality.

We are as ER-DI Machine, trust in our brand and quality, we are not competing with our competitors, we are competing with our own.