The Folding Chair Rack provides you to get those chairs up along the wall and off the floor. This  Chair Rack is the best way to store folding chairs and can be installed in just 15 minutes. Reclaim your storage space today. The Folding Chair Rack kit is planned to consolidate chairs using less space. The chairs can be slid without removing them from the hook, so you can easily move them a little to the left or right. The folding chair rack can hold eight to ten folding chairs. This Chair rack is ideal for garden chair, camping chairs, terrace chairs and folding chairs.

How to Make a Folding Chair

Use your carpenter’s saw to cut the board into 2 pieces–a longer piece that is 51 inches long and a shorter piece that is 40 inches long.

Cut 2 inches from each side of the longer board starting 15 inches from one end and extending all the way to the other end. The solution should be a board that is 15 by 11 inches and then 7 by 36 inches. This piece will make the seat and the back leg, or support, for the folding chair.

Trace the thinned end of the longer board in the center of the shorter board 15 1/2 inches from one end. Find the center of the board that will be copied onto and the center of the board to be copied and line up these 2 points before tracing.

Drill a hole inside the surface area that you just traced so that your fretsaw can fit inside this area to cut it out.

Cut out the slot that you just traced applying your jigsaw, making a point to cut away enough so you can slide the thinned end of the longer board through at an angle.

Slide the 2 boards together and try your chair out.

Redefine the angle of the seat plank. Since the boards won’t intersect at a right angle, you require to cut the back part of the seat where it rests against the other board so the 2 boards can rest flush against one another. To accomplish this, draw a line from the upper corner of the side edge of the seat downward. The line should run parallel with the back of the chair.

Cut this small wedge of wood from each side of the back of your chair’s seat so that the seat can now rest flush again the back of your chair.