Furniture Companies Doing On Facebook And Twitter

How are companies acting on Facebook and Twitter? With all the talk of the function of social media in marketing these days, many another brands are addressing to Facebook and Twitter in an attempt to get in touch with today’s consumers. Adding up further fuel to this trend, there appears to be no shortage of experts exclaiming Facebook and Twitter “must-use” marketing tools for businesses.

But while Facebook and Twitter surely present an big potential audience, how effectual have they really been as a marketing platform for businesses? More specifically, can we actually expect them to be equally useful across all industries, or equally practical for businesses of all sizes?

Since social media marketing is said to be completely about “engagement,” viewed how much consumer engagement is being generated by the Facebook attempts of the 5 biggest furniture manufacturers and 5 biggest specialty bedding retailers. To appraise this, they used the statistics that Facebook provides for “People Talking About This” — which apply a absolute of any and all interactions that Facebook users have with this company through Facebook in the past week. “New Likes” — which are included in the “People Talking About” number were separated out to get a sense for how much existing fans actually engage with the company after the initial “Like.”