Fairs is the fairly important for introduction the new model furnitures and furniture exporting. Also important this the other nations furniture import. So we wanna talk about Furniture Fairs in Turkey İMOB nad MODEF.

Why only İMOB and MODEF Fairs ?. Because that, İMOB (İstanbul) Fair from the city is İstanbul and İstanbul is capital of the financ in Turkey. MODEF(İnegö/Bursa) is the capital of furniture in Turkey and center of Bursa so Bursa fourth biggest city in Turkey. All news season furnitures be on display these fairs and Turkey’s biggest furnitures Marks attends. Also some of Marks are İstikbal, Bellona, Doğtaş… İf you wanna see the new ceations you must go there because firms doesnt show the new product before the fairs. Consequently if you learn new concept furniture and furniture market you will be coming Turkey for İMOB and MODEF.

Turkey is not developing country because Turkey will be developt country in the future and has a growth economy and industrials. İndustrial importng more than 100 bilion $, and furniture importing more than one bilion $ so this economy very important fot us.( ,  )

Turkey’ furniture sector is growing day buy day and all of city’s in Turkey which İnegöl actually the furniture capital. İnegöl is Bursa’s country and very big city. İnegöl near the Bursa Metropolitan City so importing is very easy for İnegöl economy. Bursa fourth biggest City in Turkley and Bursa has Uludag Mountain, near the Marmara Sea and night İstanbul. Bursa’s population more than 2.700.000 and İnegöl’s population more than 172.000. ( ) Bursa is industrial city also İnegöl’s economy bottomed on industrial economy. Also İstanbul is the capital of finance and industry and has the biggest economy data in Turkey. Thereof we wanna related to about only İMOB and MODEF Furniture Fairs.

İf you interesting about furniture news and fashions, you must come in Turkey and you must see İMOB nad MODEF İnternational Furniture Fairs. Also if you be aware of smth furniture news and furniture designs you should follow MobDizayn (FurnDesign).com. on facebook, on twitter, on google+…on the internet…