Gentas Group

Furniture Manufacturer – Ankara / Turkey


GENTAS GROUP OF COMPANIES, established in the year 1972 in Mengen District of the province of Bolu, has been listed and traded at Istanbul Stock Exchange since 1991. The Group has adopted as its mission to be focused on customer satisfaction, to be able to display continuous growth, compete on international platform besides being sensitive, where environmental issues are concerned, and adding value to its country.
The Group, with its significant contribution to Turkish Economy and employment, has achieved a leadership status in its sector, besides being a source of pride to the Turkish economy as it possesses ISO 9001-2008 Quality certificate, one of the most important indicators of international quality standards. The Group has adopted as its principle to have the quality of the products produced by its companies certified by international institutions while being able to deliver these products to the consumers under a superior service understanding.
Gentas, which takes confident steps towards becoming an indispensable brand thanks to its vision of targeting to transform its long standing know-how and experience acquired in the forestry products sector into superior quality, continues to maintain its leader status especially in the fields of CPL, HPL and compact laminate, while preserving its status as the first manufacturer in Turkey and one of the few in the world in Werzalit production.
Gentas Group has been updating its policies for purposes of complying with the fast changing dynamics of the business world and being able to meet the requirements of the markets shaping accordingly, in a flexible and expedited manner. Within this scope, customer focused work is being emphasized and marketing and operating strategies are being developed on the basis of ensuring customer satisfaction..
Gentas Group of Companies, which has focused on achieving efficiency and quality in production, as well as improving customer and employee satisfaction on a continuous basis, continues its progressive contribution to the sector as it concentrates on increasing benefits to the economy and employment of the country with each passing day.
The companies included in the Gentas Group are as follows:
The company, which has been established at Mengen District of Bolu, on an area of 200.000m² realizes the manufacturing of two different products in two different factories. GENTAS WERZALIT Factory, which started production in 1979, has been manufacturing table tops, school benches, building profiles and chairs in an enclosed area of 20.000 m2 working at full capacity. Our facility, which produces 2.000.000 units annually, makes its name known in more than 40 countries in 5 continents, making its country proud.
GENTAS LAMINAT Factory started the production of laminate plates in the year 1997 with the commissioning of the first HPL press. After commissioning of CPL Press in the year 1998, it has become the first factory in our country to combine the manufacturing of both laminate plates and rolls under the same roof. With the investment made in the year 2008, GENTAS LAMINAT was able to increase its capacity by 100% and become one of the leading laminate manufacturers in the world, thanks to its 18.000.000 m2 production capacity conducted on an indoor area of 25.000 m2 as well as exports realized to 5 continents.
The company, which was included in Gentas Group of Companies on 09 August 2000 as a result of privatization efforts, manufactures fiber plates, HPL Plate Laminate and impregnated paper in an indoor area of 35.000 m2 situated on 200.000 m2 land.
The Company, with continuous investments made in it since its inclusion in Gentas Group of Companies, has an annual production capacity of 11.000.000 m2 HPL Laminate Plates. It continues to contribute to the product range of Gentas Laminat with the laminate plates it manufactures in different sizes and specifications.
Our company, determined to achieve continuous advancement, contributes both to the Turkish economy as well as employment with the sales it has realized in the country as well as overseas.
Gentas Metal processing facility, was established in the year 1995 for the purposes of completing and delivering to the end users the high quality products manufactured by Gentas Werzalit by employing the same high standards of quality. The production process of the metal products that are twisted and welded by means of fully automated machinery and robots at Mengen Facilities taking place in an indoor area of 10.000 m2, is completed when they are painted by using electrostatic powder paint. The quality of the painting job and the paint used in this process is equivalent to the one used in white goods sector. Our company is specialized in the manufacturing of table legs, school benches and chairs.
Gentas Metal also manufactures moulds, plastic and metal connection components and accessories that it needs in its own facilities.
Gentas Metal, which progressively increases the number of products it has under this quality understanding; continues to serve its customers with the confidence of being able to offer durability, aesthetics and reliability.
This company, which was established for purposes of meeting the adhesive and resin requirements of Gentas Group of Companies, started to manufacture on 12 March 2000 at Tuzla Chemical Substance Industrialists Organized Industrial Zone and in a short period of time has become one of the leading institutions in the sector.
The facility, which is situated on an outdoor area of 7200 m2, continues its operation from facilities covering 2500 m2 of enclosed space manufacturing 20.000 tons of resin and 50.000 tons of formaldehyde.
Our company, focused on continuous efficiency improvement, high quality, customer satisfaction and contributing to the economy and employment of the country in an ever increasing manner, continues to grow in its sector.
Genpaz A.Ş. was founded in the year 1993 with the purposes of establishing the distribution network in Turkey for Werzalit and metal productsthat that our Group manufactures. Genpaz A.S., which has adopted as its principle to follow and adopt the technological developments, continues to advance its businesses with the help of the research and development activities it performs. In the year 2008, by creating Tavilo Brand, it has taken a significant step in becoming a solution partner to the architects, designers and other professionals in the projects sector. Our factory that is located in Mengen and boasting 6800 m2 of indoor area, manufactures special tables made from compact laminate and acrylic besides offering aesthetic solutions in the field of decoration following the commissioning of the furnishing unit in the factory.
Genmar A.S. was established by Gentas Group of Companies in the year 2000 with the purpose of handling the promotion, marketing and sales of all the products manufactured, in Marmara Region, led by Istanbul. The company has also undertaken the distributorship of various products required by the sector. The company in addition to the foregoing handles the sales, marketing, project preparation and contracting operations related to the acrylic material it imports from abroad, through an in house team and dealers. Although the firm is very new to the acrylic market, it has nevertheless been successful in rendering acrylic in becoming a sought out product with the help of GETAART brand of products.