The first step, when it comes to caring for your sofa, is to vacuum. Remove all of the pillows and place them to one side for later. Hoover the seating area carefully making sure you get all of the crumbs and dust that may have resided there. Clean-Once the sofa is free of crumbs you can now begin the cleaning process. It is still advisable to use high quality upholstery cleaner on your sofa fabrics.


Start by treating the heavily soiled or stained spaces as these patches will need to be treated for a longer time period. Apply the fabric cleaner with a cloth and rub ensuring it is penetrating the fabric sufficiently. Dry-Once you have applied the upholstery cleaner to the whole sofa leave it to soak in and dry completely. This may take a while but this is an ideal opportunity to clean the sofa cushions while you wait. Repeat the cleaning process that you used for the sofa and hover and clean your cushion covers.


Once the material is fully dry the results of your labour will be visible. To enhance the appearance of your sofa fabrics further use the vacuum to remove all of the excess upholstery cleaner. One thing to be cautious about when cleaning your sofa fabrics is the type of fabric cleaner you select. If you are unsure ask to avoid errors. Always read the label thoroughly and test a bit on a small patch of then sofa fabric that is not visible.