Beautiful and Functional Kitchen

Having Beautiful and Functional Kitchen

Having Beautiful and Functional Kitchen – Your kitchen can be both attractive & functional simultaneously. For tips on mixing beauty with function in the kitchen, see the steps below.

Beautiful and Functional KitchenBan the non-kitchen clutter

The kitchen countertop is not a place for mail, keys, backpacks, loose change, newspaper or any other clutter. Make sure those items have a home. Keep only necessary items in the kitchen.

Light your kitchen properly

Do you have under cabinet lighting? Lighting on your countertop is important since upper cabinets generate shadows on your work space. Above cabinet lighting is a pleasant dramatic effect. You can add decorative lighting fixtures such as a ceiling fan or chandelier.

Only functional accessories

Put away the fake plants, canisters of cooking utencils, decorative platters you will never use, dish washing accessories that are not used every day, hanging pots that very hit your head, the tea kettle sitting on your stove that you never use, the cookbook holder that gets used two times a year, any tiny appliance that is not used every day, & any other cluttery items. Replace them with clear glass jars for your flour, sugar, pasta, dry cereal, rice, beans, & other items that you will actually use. The only things on your countertop ought to be things that are used at least one time a week. In case you do use an appliance every day, make sure it is a top quality decorative appliance.

Purge duplicates & unnecessary items

Do you have multiple ice cream scoops, pizza cutters, can openers, or any other utensil? What about tiny appliances that you never use collecting dust in your cabinets – a fondue set, salad spinner, ice cream maker, or vacuum sealer? Get rid of anything taking up valuable kitchen space.

Organize your items logically

Are your pots & pot holders by the stove? Are your cookie sheets by the oven? When you use the last of the cereal, do you have a convenient place within your kitchen to write that item on your grocery list?

Be thoughtful with the artwork on the walls of your kitchen

Think about a giant chalkboard to write your grocery list or the dinner menu. Since lighting is so important, a giant mirror to reflect light around the room would even be lovely. Artwork with plenty of color will generate a cheerful room. Do not attach anything to the front of your refrigerator. In case you must, put a few essential items only on the least visible side of your refrigerator.

Remove items from on top of your upper cabinets

Think about removing the items from on top of the upper cabinets in your kitchen. Those items collect dust. Often cabinets with nothing on them look better than those with fake plants.

Add cabinet hardware to the cabinets in your kitchen

Cabinet knobs & pulls are not only jewelry for the room, they also protects the cabinets from abrasion. In case you have stainless steel appliances or a stainless steel sink, think about adding stainless steel knobs & pulls (not shiny chrome).