Production and Export Volume of Inegol Furniture:

Fretting the Path…

The history of Inegol furniture dates back to centuries, the early 1900s…

As Inegol is surrounded by forests, this advantage enabled the process began with the tree’s being

processed into timber in workshops and its being transferred to necessary areas in the national

market. During the period when the republic is established; lumbering started with production of

chest and  horse carriages and then continued with the production of chairs and armchairs. Now, this

process gave way to a new era in which the furniture is manufactured with machines of the latest


Processing trees became the main source of income of the locals. As Inegol is geographically

located on the highway between Ankara and Bursa, the furniture industry region attracts the

attention of the visitors and the potential customers.

Modern and classic sitting groups, bedrooms, dining rooms, sofa beds, sofas, kid’s rooms and

teenager groups, kitchen and furniture accessories can be classified as the product groups that are

manufactured in Inegol.

The contribution of Inegol furniture to today’s economy is huge enough that cannot be disregarded.

During the years, the number of the furniture manufacturers has increased. Now there are 586

companies which are registered to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. These companies’

product ranges are wide enough to address all types of  customers. The furniture manufacturers in

Inegol have the chance to promote their products by welcoming all kinds of businessmen and

consumers from Turkey and abroad during MODEF – the Furniture and Decoration Fair and

MODEF EXPO – the International Furniture and Decoration Fair which is organized annually.

Among the 586 companies which are registered to the chamber of commerce and industry; 420 of

them are in the furniture and sofa industry and 166 of them are in the lumber and chipboard sector.

According to the capacity report data of the chamber of commerce and industry, 309 of the

companies are manufacturers who provide 7.474 labor force in total.

The market developed during the past years and had a progress in the exportation of the products

manufactured in the region. In 2005, the total export was declared $54 million and in 2007, it was

announced 2007 almost $64 million. In 2008, despite all the negative economical developments, the

export volume was indicated as $104 million. These developments are the biggest indicators of the

sector’s gradually penetrating into world’s markets.

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