Library Shelving

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Latitude Shelving

The Latitude shelving system, configured and manufactured in the Turkey, is already becoming a firm preferred with librarians and designers.

With the ability to customise elements and accessories to fit the customers’ requires precisely, this system is cost-efficient and will add a touch of finess to both traditional and modern interiors. This stylish but cheap shelving system can be designed with maximum flexibility and is versatile.

Ratio Shelving

Excellence as Standard

Ratio is a premium traditional shelving system using only the finest quality materials.

Reflection Shelving

Flexible, Lasting and Affordable

Reflection is a traditional cantilever shelving design proven to be cost-efficient and robust across thousands of libraries.

Fully compatible with the original Reska shelving, Reflection is an exceedingly versatile shelving system perfect for both academic and public libraries.

Calypso Shelving

Offering the ideal blend of style and functionality

The Calypso shelving range is a enormously versatile shelving system that offers the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Superiority manufacturing processes and materials insure that the Calypso system is a competitively priced premium product.

The huge choice of colours and the revolutionary three way shelf positioning system insures that the system won’t only appear great but will offer the flexibility that is needed for today’s requiring library environments.

Libris shelving systems

The Libris shelving system is a real wood based shelving system that provides the flexibility of both wooden and metal shelves depending on budget.
Libris Steel Shelving

Where budgets are more limited, the wooden shelves can be substituted with steel which can result unimportant cost savings.

Libris shelving systems are lasting, represent great value for money and are perfect for use in areas where image is important.

Libris Shelving Systems

The Libris shelving system is a real wood based shelving system that provides the flexibility of both wooden and metal shelves contingent on budget.

Libris Timber Shelving

With wooden shelves, the Libris Timber shelving System is a an attractive and versatileall wood shelving system

Uniflex Shelving

Durability and flexibility

Creating a library’s unique image requires individual solutions.

With a choice of elegant wood, cool glass and understated metal finishes – UNIFLEX offers the shelving framework to portray the right image for your library.