If you compare modern furniture with old furniture, you would particularly see the difference between the construction and the overall design of the furniture. Modern furniture is way more refined and delicate than old furniture. In modern furniture, durability and inflexibility of the furniture is compromised for elegant looks and stylish designs.


Thus, taking care of modern furniture is rather a lot different than maintain old furniture. With old furniture, you can merely dust off the particles of dust and that would be sufficient. Yet, such is not the case with modern furniture, especially modern sofa sets as they are designed with great grace and sensitivity which makes taking care of them a highly specialized job.


However, there are a few elementary steps which can help you maintain your modern sofa set in tip top condition, so that it would always look brand new. The first thing to do is to examine your modern sofa set and establish which material is used to manufacture the sofa. Different materials have different sorts of cleaning agents and using the suitable cleaning agent is very important or you might ruin your sofa set.


Modern sofa sets are in general made using either synthetic materials or leather to give them an stylish look and modern feel. Take care of modern sofa sets made from leather are very easy to maintain as all it requires is some water and a clean cloth. Cleaning of a leather sofa can be done in three simply steps. First clean the sofa with a brush to dust off heavy particles of speck. After, wipe the sofa with clean cotton cloth dipped in water to make sure there are no residue particles. And for finish, polish your leather sofa with the help of some leather furniture polish which is easily disposable in the market.


Take care of synthetic modern sofa or fur material modern sofa is a bit more difficult than maintaining leather sofa. For fabric made sofa sets, it would be best to utilize a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dust particles and then utilize soap solution to remove the stains. However, for fur sofas, it would be best if no cleaning agent is utilized and if you have to use a cleaning agent then use only those which are recommended by the manufacturer as a wrong cleaning agent would demolish the fabric. Your best option would be to keep your sofa sets clean always to stave off intensive need for cleaning and usage of cleaning agents.


High quality sofas are always simply to maintain and are resistant too.