Accent pillows for sofas are a staple in design. Recently, there’s been a trend away from these pieces. You will see a lot of designer magazines really pairing them down. Instead there might just be a few on the couch. In recent years it seems like the furniture was really being overtaken by these pieces but that’s all changed.


You can add some accents to accent cushions to take a solid color piece and turn it into something pretty special. One option would be to slipcover it and employ fabric paint to create a design. Simple is going to be better in this case. Are you lusting after all of those numbered décor accents that you see in magazines? Even if you aren’t an artist you can create this yourself with black paint. Nevertheless you necessitate to read the care instructions on the fabric paint to learn about the care and application options to assure that your craft project turns out well. This is also a chance to experiment with prints that would otherwise seem too loud. You can even bring in zebra pillows to coordinate with neutral furniture. Plus, if it ever seems too bold it’s pretty easy to replace it or just remove it.


Think about adding buttons to the piece. It’s these small touches to cool chairs or decorative towels that make all the difference. Tufted furniture is all the rage right now but it can be formal, uncomfortable, and costly. The type of button that you choose to add to your cushion as well as your placement is greatly going to determine the overall style. For a country look, try wood buttons as a border.  This is going to be more of a decorative pillow. You can also try silver or gold buttons for an opulent touch. If you’re making the pillows yourself then add in fabric covered buttons for a traditional feeling in your room. A contemporary style would just use a tone on tone tufting design. This adds interest to even just a basic white cushion.