The hospital environment needs to fulfill strict health and safety guidelines in order to insure that everything is appropriate for use. Naturally, cleanliness is of paramount importance and it’s the responsibility of each individual to insure that the standards are met. But what about the hospital furniture? Indeed, staff can keep the floors and kitchen clean, but there are several other significant considerations too. From the beds to the patient chairs, all these need to be kept in tip-top condition.

There are, however, furniture providers out there that can make it easier for you to help your hospital run smoothly and meet the stringent health and safety standards necessary. Not only will this furniture last for many years due to its solid structure, but it will also have the essential design elements needed to make it the perfect hospital furniture product. Lets have a look at the main requirements:

Manual Handling

No matter who manages furniture in a hospital, everybody should follow the manual handling training to insure they’re performing it right. A bonus to this is purchasing hospital furniture that’s had this view taken into consideration, so you can be sure that you’re having a quality item that wont break the bank, or your back. Manual handling refers to the way in which you pick something up, and whenever there are hospital products being designed that are made with the carrier in mind, then this must only be a good thing.

Infection Control

Another significant element to consider is infection control. The furniture surface is a spawning ground for bugs and so it’s very much contingent on what materials are used as to how good they can be at preventing and reducing the risk of infection, not only to one patient but to any number of patients within the hospital. This risk can be reduced by getting wipe clean table surfaces, for example, which can then be disinfected with the appropriate cleaning fluid. It’s for this reason that you are unlikely to find hospital furniture with an emphasis on superior designer style rather than function, because it needs to meet all the guidelines necessary in this type of environment.

Pressure Management

During the various stages of examining and developing for hospital furniture, pressure management is also an significant consideration. The items require to be good and solid and be able to resist a certain level of force. Also this, they’ll  be examined in accordance with fire safety regulations.

Of course, the benefit of changing times and more design-led furniture companies surfacing is that now you can find hospital furniture providers that make furniture with these 3 key principles in mind, but also make it look really good too. Hospitals are able to get the best of both worlds now.