If you are in the market for a great sectional but don’t desire to spend a lot of money, one made out of microfiber should furnish you with the best bang for your buck. Take a look at the many advantages that this low cost, high quality material provides.


One enormous advantage to getting a microfiber sectional is that they are usually much more affordable than sectionals made out of other materials, such as leather. You can indeed save many hundred or even a couple thousand dollars by opting for microfiber. Why is this? Microfiber is a cheap, resistant synthetic fiber that can be simply mass produced. It’s basically polyester, and many times it’s recycled out of things such as plastic bottles. Compare this to genuine leather, which has to be harvested from cows. It takes a lot of money to raise cows, carefully move their hides, and treat and prepare them for the assembly process.


Microfiber also has the distinct characteristic of being able to regulate heat and moisture better. This is due to it being a much more breathable fabric compared to other types of fabrics such as cotton and leather, so air circulates better across its fibers keeping it cooler. This self ventilating feature also helps dry up moisture within the fabric before it can build up excessively, keeping it nice and dry. Nevertheless, the fabric itself has moisture-wicking properties that make it hard for moisture to absorb into it. This means that you can sit or lay on your microfiber sectional for long periods of time, without having to worry too much about overheating or getting sweaty.