Furniture Manufacturer – Istanbul / Turkey


Our company NUANS COLLECTION has been established in 1979 in the region of the furniture manufacturers, Siteler , Ankara , TURKEY. We have been keeping and developing the mentality of high standart quality since the foundation year.

Our unique products are CLASSIC, RUSTIC and MODERN style. At present they have been produced in our workshop of 3500 m2 and shown in the showroom of 1500 m2. In the reconstruction plans of the company, we are going to move to our new factory of 15000 m2 soon and begin to produce our products by using the high technological and the modern researching and developing systems.

There are more than 100 product pieces in 3 main groups : DINING ROOMS, BEDROOMS, SPECIAL ORDER PRODUCTS.

The main products are carved style DINING ROOM and BEDROOM SETS. The other group is SPECIAL ORDERS which has doors, windows, bathroom and kitchen accesories, office sets and frames for interior decoration that can be produced only in the order of good quantity. All products have been embroidered with the unique carved styles by the professional craftsmen.

Our models have two types of bodies: Veneered and Unveneered. The veneered models have fiberboard bodies; the unveneered models have MDF. The borders are solid and the finishings are worn or walnut lacquered.

Our company NUANS COLLECTION that is known as THE NAME OF THE UNIQUE QUALITY has been always appropriated the customer satisfaction as unchangeable principle since the foundation year and achieved to reach to the world standarts of the production quality and the customer relationships. Also in our new factory and in the new reconstruction, our basic purpose is going to be making the principle of perfectly serving much more develop than the present.