Furniture Manufacturer – Izmir / Turkey

Ozyol is committed to making the finest sleep products available under our flagship brand BUKET. We stand for quality, innovation, and dedication.
Ozyol is distinct in the bedding industry because we are devoted to customers’ need for better PostureCare and the best Hygienic fabrics available today. We are so confident that our products are the best, we offer up to 10-year warranty service.
PostureCare- Our innerspring coil system “Super Bonnell” is considered as an advanced technology product in the industry thanks to the specifications that are more intensive, flexible, orthopedic, durable and permissible for air circulation compared to the conventional spring systems.
Hygienic fabrics- Specially treated fabrics in our products are antimicrobial, antibacterial, and non-allergenic.
We know the importance of a person’s need to have balanced nutrition, proper exercise, stress-free environment and a truly Restful Sleep. We are proud to provide the necessary tool to start your day rested, relaxed, and most importantly pain-free.
Since January, 1995, Ozyol has grown substantially because our dedication to quality and customer service. Today we export our bedding products to UNITED KINGDOM, GERMANY, FRANCE, ISRAEL, and BULGARIA.