Why is it that we keep seeing leather sofas more often in several homes all over Turkey? If you haven’t tried them and are considering them then you should find out why. A lot of people like the look of leather sofas. They are chic and also comfy at the same time. The best thing about them isn’t only that they are resistant and tough but they are really comfortable. One might initially think that leather can’t be comfortable to lie down on or even to sleep but they genrally are. This is something you have to try out for yourself. Go to a show room and test them out or ask someone you know that has them. I can tell you from my own experience why I wouldn’t want to get anything else. If you get the right ones, they are child proof, dust proof, water repellent, cleanable and they look impressive.


Young kids are still walking around with food, candy, or anything else in their hands no matter what you tell them. As any mom would know this can become very stressful and only makes cleaning harder for you.


If you get the right leather sofas you will never stress about cleaning up after them. What I mean by getting the right leather is the ones with the finishing. Generally these are the more the affordable ones. When it’s time to clean up I just remove the pillows and go over the whole set with a cloth making all the crumbs fall to the floor, I still vacuum last anyway. I make sure they dry up before I put the cushions back because you don’t want to put the pillows back on a wet couch. I then slowly and quickly wipe over the pillows, they are then thoroughly cleaned.