SedirThe mattresses used to sit on in Turkish tents left their place to the setting sets called divan or sofa after Turks settled down in Anatolia.
As a common principle, divans which became integrated with the decoration, were placed by the walls in order to create space in the middle of the rooms. Divans, being formed by increasing the height of the floor with a wooden platform, usually do not exceed 1/2 meters. Surrounding the room inside, the divans are upholstered with various kinds of textile materials and for comfort, mattresses and
cushions are made use of.

J. Thevenot, a European traveler who came to the land of Ottomans in the years 1655- 1656, says those about interior appearance of Turkish Houses and palaces : “In all of the rooms and halls, there are sets for sitting 1/2 meters in height and called “Divan” which are covered with much nicer and valuable carpets than those used to decorate the floor. The gilded cushions are put against the walls. You can rest on these divans and spend the most beautiful hours of the day here. Because divans are comfortable and traditional, they have always been used in the Ottoman Palaces. Being as models to thrones, were produced with splats and oriental motifs and called as “Ottoman or Sofa”