Sofa tables are the ideal answer to a much required accent in some areas. An ideal example of a area where a sofa table is needed is when a couch backs up to another area. For instance, a sofa that faces the television but works as a kind of divider between the family room and a dining room or entryway could really utilize these tables. Sofa tables work in two different manners. They can either be chosen to blend in with the back of the sofa, or they can set it off as an accent characteristic. 


Either way you go, it is very important to keep in mind that the back of the sofa is  enormously important when you are looking for these tables. A lot of people do not spend much time looking at the back of their sofas, and they forget to verify it out before they go shopping. Just take a good long look at how the sofa backs up to the other area and determine the best way to approach it. Don’t forget to measure the length and height of the sofa before shopping. This will assure that the tables you look at aren’t too big or too small for the sofa you have. Once you have your dimensions, then it’s time to start looking at tables. 

Functional Tables 


Of course accent tables can also be functional tables, but in some cases it may be better to look for sofa tables that will blend in with the back of the sofa. The purpose you might want to do this is so that you do not draw attention to the table itself. Generally tables that blend into the back of the sofa are meant for function rather than decoration, so you will definitely want to look for look for tables that have shelves or drawers. Drawers are great because they allow you to hide some of the clutter around your house, particularly when you necessite to hide it rapidly. When picking a table that is meant to blend in with your sofa, select a color or shade that matches your sofa. Light oak wood pairs  marvelously with light-colored leather, while glass with a silver metal frame is a great way to reduce the effect against sofas with uncommon colors or patterns. Another important thing to remember when looking at sofa tables to blend in with your sofa is the design. Color is perhaps the most important thing, but a contemporary table against the back of an antique sofa just won’t mesh. Always try to keep your furniture pieces all from the same sort of design, particularly when you are looking for pieces to blend. This will assure that the table does not look out of place behind your sofa. 

Accent Tables


Sofa tables that are meant to be accent tables will work as a sort of opposing force to the back of the sofa. For instance, a black or dark brown sofa might be accented with a gold or light oak sofa table. The effect is even more dramatic when pairing colors as red and black, black and white, or any other dramatic colors at the same time. Generally accent tables are meant to hold decorative pieces, although it isn’t a bad idea to look for a sofa table that also has a little bit of storage. Baskets make for very effectual storage, and they often accent the table as well. Some sofa tables also come with little baskets that fit perfectly into the shelves, so there is no need to buy baskets separately.