What is considered cozy is dissimilar from one to the other, that is why sometimes you feel uncomfortable with your friend’s sofa. It may look nice but once you sit on it, you just feel you do not like it.

This fact should lead you to realize how significant  is to try a sofa yourself, before you purchase one. You have to spend special time in selecting the right sofa for your living room.


What exactly do you have to do in selecting the right couch? Here is the list:

  • Sit in the style you generally sit, try as much as positions just like the way you sit at home, whether it is lying down, bending your legs, just anything.
  • Think about  the height of the sofa, and of course the depth of the sitting space, it will affect your comfort.
  • It is important to try the hand stand of the couch as well, and the back, do you comfortable sitting on it for a long time?


  • Too hard of too soft sofa will be bad for you if you have scoliosis or any backbone problems. You must select just the perfect one that could support your back.
  • Material of the sofa is another important point. If you have toddlers at home, it is better for you to select the material that is simple to clean, but still soft and comfortable for your kids.
  • Last, but not least, only pick sofa that match your budget. It is not wise to purchase something you could not afford in cash.

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