If you have a small space, the last thing you probably want is a large sofa that makes the room appear even smaller. There are a lot of  options to choose from in small-scale sofas.

Small Sofa 

For small area you have to opt for a small sofa than just its size. Turkish sofas offer a various range of different sofa features that are available that make a sofa appear sleeker and less bulky. 


How to make a Sofa Appear “Small Scale”? 

Besides size, there are different sofa features that make it appear sleeker and trimmer. For exampl it will be preferable to select a sofa with few curves, clean, straight, simple lines and no arms. 

Coordinate with your individual taste 

Look for sofas without arms will be another option for a small space. This option would allow seating for three instead of two. Sofas have generally large arms that take up a fair amount of unnecessary space. Eliminate arms, this would increase your seating area! 



Having a small living room, dorm room, living room or family room has its disadvantages when it comes to seating. There are special features in a sofa that would give it a small-scale look such as straight lines, small arms and legs that raise the sofa. 
You could even gain area for your seating by purchasing an armless sofa. This would allow seating for maybe three instead of two. 
Even if you do not appreciate all the features listed above in a sofa, you can select one feature and look for other features that you love.
İf you have a traditional lean in furnishings, you could purchase a sofa with curved arms and legs for example, but have it raised off the floor by legs uncovered by upholstered flaps. 


Thereby, you achieve a spacious look (by the negative space left underneath the sofa) but retain your unique sense of style and taste in the sofa. 


You don’t have to sacrifice your style in home design to achieve a spacious feel in a small space.