In olden days, plain covers were utilized to cover sofas. The main object of covers was to prohibit sofa from being  splashed. It was proved that the custom of covering furniture started in 17th century. Progressively, the plain fabrics covering the furniture were inserted under the pillows. Hereafter, ties were included to keep the covers in place. Presently, sofa slipcovers are disposable in numerous varieties and designs. Adding slipcovers to sofas is becoming a fashion currently. The plain fabric used in olden days has been transformed into classic fabrics. The homeowners can choose the printed fabrics, watered damasks or denims to add new life to their old sofa sets.


It is often advisable to choose the fabric that suits the style of the home and the furniture sets. It is quite costly to change the furniture often. At last, the dull look of old sofas can spoil the appearance of the living room. Sofa slipcovers are the cheap way to alter the tired look to an alluring one. As the slipcovers are disposable in several price ranges, the homeowners can select the best one, which fits into their budget and taste. Sofas tend to get soiled fast in homes, particularly where there are children and pets. It is ordinary that the hairs of the pets can make the sofa tidy. It is an annoying process to clean them regularly. Moreover, those who have asthma or allergic conditions find it hard to clean them. 


Changing the sofa slipcovers often is the best possible solution to get rid of this problem. It is very easy to clean the sofa slipcovers. It is possible to machine wash them. This helps to remove the stains, pet hairs, motes and any other allergens. As they are disposable in cheap prices, the homeowners can buy two or more slipcover sets. They can switch the old cover immediately when they are expecting some guests. Sofa slipcovers help many homeowners to save the cost they require to spend on buying new sofa sets. They do not need more maintenance. Constant washing is enough to make them spic and span. They give an instant face lift to the dull-looking old sofa. They can even change the old-fashioned sofa to a contemporary one by adding slipcovers, which have bold motifs. It is also acceptable to get custom design sofa slipcovers or can select the ready-made varieties. The ready-made varieties come with zippers or elastic so that they can fit any size sofa sets. 


As the sofa slipcovers are subject to usual washing, it is advisable to choose good quality fabrics. Furthermore, high quality fabrics do not shrink for years together. It is also wise to select stretchable fabrics, which can offer a great appearance. Some fabrics even stand water. The homeowners can go for such fabrics, if they do not want to get into the trouble of cleaning spills. The homeowners need to select sofa slipcovers belong upon the type of their sofa. Slipcover for sofas with a square arm is different from that for sofa with round arms. Some slipcovers come with the skirt design bottom. They grant an adorable look to the living room. Sofa slipcovers are disposable in plenty of designs and sizes in online stores. It is more suitable to have a look at them before selecting the one.