Furnishing a modern home is not a herculean task anymore! But sadly, with the ample number of ornate furniture and fancy sofa sets disposable everywhere, homemakers often forget to supply their home with functional pieces of furniture. What they really need is contemporary living room furniture that is practical, yet fashionable. Today, you can find a excess of living room sofas, in umpteen styles and structures. If you’re thinking about purchasing a sofa set for your home, then you need to know a few things before you embark on your shopping expedition!


• The arm style is one factor which plays a very important role. Are you someone who loves to snuggle up on your sofa and watch your favorite sitcom? If yes, then a modern sofa set with plush, rolled arms is just the thing for you! Armless sofas are an alternative to such living room sofas.
• The fabric of living room sofas should be chosen keeping in mind the amount of wear and tear you anticipate. If you think your sofa would be prone to stains, go for a modern set made from microfiber or leather.


• The seating capacity is a decisive factor. Don’t just consider your family size. Take into account whether or not you entertain often and the number of visitors that may turn up frequently at your home. This way, you won’t have people jostling for space whenever there’s a get together at your place!

• Good looks should probably be the last thing to think about when buying living room sofas. See to it that the they set you pick complements the contemporary living room furniture. Some people prefer traditional skirted to modern sofas with bare legs. Remember that you can always dress up your sofa set with cushions.