If you are an ardent follower of all things interior design, you can’t fail to have noticed the rise of the modular sofa as the must have piece for the modern home. Featured in glossy magazines and occupying pride of area in many sofa showrooms up and down the country these new sectional sofas are quickly establishing a cachet unsurpassed in the industry. So if you are looking to redecorate in the coming 12 months, here are a few key motivations to consider adding a modular sofa to your home living area.

1. Intrinsic Versatility

Truly the unique selling point of the modular sofa is its ability to be adjusted at will to form a diversity of different configurations from the simple straight line alignment to more complex L and U shaped configurations. Ideal for those who like to change their room plan regularly, modular sofas are in many ways many different sofa styles all in one, so if versatility and flexibility are high on your agenda then modular sofas will be an highly attractive proposition.

2. Statement Furniture

In the classical and renaissance eras of European history, the sofa was seen as a richness good to express the style and taste of a prosperous elite. These days, sofas are an everyday buy, both affordable and disposable to all. Yet, with their luxury price tag and stylish design form, sectional sofas offer something of a home showpiece to catch the eye of your visitors and provide a focal point for any room, making them ideal for the discerning individual.

3. Contemporary Chic

The traditional sofa, despite its many various stylistic variations, remains largely a heritage piece developed in its modern form over 300 years ago. Consequently, contemporary designs have never really felt really modern, but rather an update of a classic. By contrast, sofas have been truly designed for the modern lifestyle making them for more natural conduits for contemporary style and sophistication.

4. Light and Bright

Modular sofas look really exceptional when covered in light and bright material top covers. Whether fabric, leather or maybe even exotic materials such as sheepskin are utilized, modular sofas have an uber-modern design which makes sharp contrast colour schemes and unconventional material selections work. So if you are feeling modern and upbeat, there is no better selection when it comes to furnishing your home living area.

5. Informality & Casual Attitude

Tell the words home furniture and furnishing to the average man and you’ll be hard pushed to muster much enthusiasm. But show them a modular sofa and you may see pretty a different result. Such a different is largely explicable by noting that modular sofas have really made living room furniture an inclusive and informal aspect of home décor, with the capacity to inspire and a creative appeal which surpasses any form of traditional home furniture. So if you are looking to turn heads, spark conversation and inject some fun and colour into your living environment, there is no better selection than a sectional sofa. Hopefully this super quick guide provides five easy reasons why you should consider making a modular sofa your next home furniture buy. But if you would like to find out more on the subject, be sure to consult with an interior designer who can advise on a convenient setting for your home living room.