There was a time when furniture made of leather was considered to be a mark or symbol of the rich and affluent class. Therefore, one would get to see a leather living room set only in the house of some really rich person only. However, with changing times, this has also changed and today one can find leather furniture at very affordable rates, thanks to the cheap availability of leather and its treatment facilities.

From Dull To Colored

Earlier the choice of colors that were available in leather were very limited and restricted to the dull blacks and browns. But today, things have changed and leather is now available in many bright colors which are quite eye-catching and vibrant. It completely depends on the personal taste of the buyer which color scheme he prefers, he can choose one of these vibrant colors or go in for the classic brown shades. Besides these single colors, the leather that is being used today is rubbed very hard, and hence, one can find leather which has many different effects of the same color. Thus, the choice in this segment has increased greatly with respect to these leather furniture sets.

Uncomfortable To Softer Leather

The leather that was used in earlier times, for the manufacture of these leather living room sets, used to be uncomfortable and very stiff. However, the leather that is being used today is softer, sumptuous and luxurious, thus giving a more comfortable and welcoming feel to the users. The quality of the leather that is being used today is a much better than what was used in the earlier days. The reason for this improvement lies in the fact that the chemicals that are being used for the treatment of this leather are more advanced than they were earlier.

Turkish manufacturers also use top quality leather for the manufacturing of their leather furniture items.