The Consumer Looks for Quality and Insists on Brands

The Consumer Looks for Quality and Insists on BrandsA Nielsen Research survey commissioned by MOSDER reveals the profiles of consumers who prefer branded furniture, their use and buying behaviour, the recognition of furniture brands and the brand images in the consumer’s mind.

The Association of Turkish Furniture Manufacturers has underwritten a comprehensive survey together with Nielsen Research. This survey reveals the importance placed on branded furniture in Turkey. Fourteen provinces provided the basis of the survey, sampling based on the Turkish Statistical Institute guidelines : Istanbul, Tekirdağ, Bursa, Kocaeli, Izmir, Aydın, Ankara, Kayseri, Antalya, Adana, Samsun, Trabzon, Erzurum and Gaziantep.

The survey sought to determine customer profiles, brand awareness, customers’ views on brands, image characteristics, attitudes, behaviour and buying habits. The research took place between the 11th of December 2010 and the 3rd of January 2011; a total of 1,014 subjects were interviewed face-to-face. The subjects fell into the A, B, C1 and C2 groups, had either purchased furniture in the past two years, had decided on a brand or were at the decision stage, and consisted of men and women, between the ages of 18 to 60.

Furniture Consumer Profile

The survey reveals a preference for branded furniture stores when customers buy furniture. Average age is 33, and the socioeconomic
grouping is C1, while the branded furniture buying consumers’ average per family monthly income is TL2,045. Three out of every four
consumers prefer buying on credit; nearly half of those (47%) explained their repayment preferences as dependent upon ‘the extra cost on term or rates’.


Over half of the consumers stated that 12 months was the most suitable repayment term, while two out of nearly three (63%) preferred credit card repayment schemes.  The survey also reveals some clues to the frequency of replacing furniture in Turkey. The average replacement time is eight years. This term is longer in Central Anatolia. Two out of every three consumers expressed a preference for  ‘promotional campaigns that offer instalments, discounts and term advantages’ when buying furniture. Campaigns that offer complementary pieces and those that exchange new for old come second and third in the list. The survey also reveals that the top criteria in buying furniture are ‘the quality of the goods’ and ‘the reliability of the brand’. The price, practicality and design of the goods, as well as the payment conditions and after sales service all ranked amongst these criteria.  %75 of furniture consumers prefer installment buying. More than half of the consumers indicate that 12 months installments best suits with their conditions.