Slipcovers are common when you have furniture that is ugly or damaged on the surface but otherwise still available. To make it look good you can employ a cover. The do it yourself seamstress can make a easy loose fitting cover for chairs and sofas that can be held with ties or ribbon. These are the most common for straight back dining room chairs, although you’ll often find that loose fitting covers are the least costly to buy and are therefore found in many lower income homes. The best sofa slip covers come in multiple pieces for the ultimate in perfect fit. The pillows are covered with a different piece than the main body of the sofa. Other cover styles are more stretchy to allow for various widths without having to buy a custom fit covering.


Alternative to Slipcovers

If you aren’t sure you desire a true slip cover but still necessitate to protect or cover your furniture fabric, Surefit’s website also offers furniture throws which are basically large furniture size blankets that are draped over the sofas and chairs. These necessitate to be adjusted frequently as they shift out of place when they are sat on.



There are six main styles accessible covering loose to form fitting. They incorporate: straight skirts, waterfall skirts, tailored skirts, single and two piece stretch and T-cushion with ties. You can read more about these specific styles on our sofa slipcovers page.