Buying for a brand new sofa can be thrilling. Just look at all of the beautiful possibilities. There are countless designs and sizes and sectionals really make decorating so much easier. You get more for your money and everyone likes to stretch the dollar as far as it will go. Most sectionals will comprise a regular couch and an ottoman. Now for the bonus! Some even have built in recliners, chaises and a massager.


One of the most significant deciding factors other than price is almost always color and white sectional are a top color selection. White is a classic color that goes well with many various styles and decors. It is so simple to design a room based on a white sofa. Here are some cases where a white sectional is not a perfect idea! High traffic areas – High traffic spaces usually bring in more dirt than areas that are used less. Dirt and white just don’t mix.


Pets – Pets are infamous for staining furniture. If you have black pets that shed then forget it. A black sectional would be a better idea. If you have pets with white hair, then it’s no big deal. Microfiber is a great selection for pet owners. It’s tightly woven fibers help to resist pet hair and pet stains. If you have pets and have your mind set on a white sofa, look very closely microfiber. Children – Kids, you gotta love them but they can very simply turn your brand new white sectional into an off-white one. Peanut butter and jelly, chocolate milk and Kool-Aid will stain that white surface faster than you can blink.